Island Vis

Discover island Vis

From ancient times, island Vis has attracted people because of its mild Mediterranean climate and nautical position. Old stone buildings, fortress and unique natural phonemes such as Blue Cave and Stiniva beach, speak about the extraordinary history of the island. Today, Vis is the farthest inhabited island in Croatia that attracts people with its unique historical Mediterranean charm.


Church with the green landscape

One of the first mentions of the island Vis dates from the 4th century BC, when the Dionysus, the ruler of the Greek town Syracuse, founded his colony here and named it Issa. It those times this area has an important role in nautical trading and was known for amazing wines.


Komiza Vis

Town Vis is the most inhabited place at the island and it has good connections with Hvar and Split. Komiža and Rukavac were once a small fishermen settlements and today are popular tourist destinations with beautiful pebble beaches and old stone buildings.


Pebble beach with tamarix

Stiniva beach is definitely the most popular beach in Vis with its unique shape. But, besides, Stiniva, Vis has numerous other sandy and pebble beaches ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Some of them are located in the picturesque bays, and some in the hidden shores.


Entrance in the Blue Cave

The Monk seal Cave is known as the last inhabit of the rare Mediterranean type of the seal – a monk seal. It`s a true wonder of nature, along with the Blue and Green caves. They can be visited in the guided tours and are a must-seen natural attractions at the island.