Stiniva Bay


The most beautiful beach in Europe

Stiniva beach is hidden at the impressive Stiniva bay at the island Vis – the farthest inhabited island in Dalmatia. The beach is known for its unique natural beauty dominated by high cliffs that surround this hidden gem from the seaside. The natural preserved beauty of the Stiniva beach was recognized in 2016 by Brussels-based tourism organization European Best Destinations that voted Stiniva as the most beautiful beach in Europe.

Reasons to visit

View at Stiniva beach from the hill

Stiniva bay is place were nature made its unique mark. While lying on this beach you feel like a spectator in the extraordinary play as the sun emerges into the turquoise sea.

Things to do


Swimming, snorkeling and stand up pedaling are just some of the activities that you can enjoy in Stiniva beach. Due to its unique shape, Stiniva beach is also an ideal place for sunbathing.

How to get here

Stiniva beach sea entrance

Stiniva bay is located on the southern part of the island Vis close to the small place Plisko polje and Marinje Zemlje. It can be reach on foot by the goat path from Žuzeca hamlet, or by boat.


Church with the green landscape

Island Vis was in history one of the most important trading and military ports in the Adriatic and there bays served as a shelter for the Venetian merchandisers, Napoleon’s army as well as British army.