Tavern Peruka

Tavern Peruka - Unique Dining Experience

Experience the magic of perfect dining in the unique ambiance of hidden Stiniva beach in the small cove.

  • Harmony of sea & stone
  • Stunning Mediterranean landscape, nature and crystal sea
  • Full relaxation of body & mind
  • Delicious flavors and aromas of Dalmatian cuisine


Tavern Peruka is settled down in the shades of the high cliffs at the Stiniva beach. It is the only tavern in the nearby area and it offers refreshment drinks and food menus from breakfast to dinner.

The speciality of Tavern Peruka is a fresh grilled fish and meat that is an ideal lunch or early dinner.

Since there is no wi-fi and mobile signal in the tavern, if you want a grilled menu it is important to call and order a day before. Call us and make your reservation.


Tavern also offers various refreshment drinks from cold non-alcoholic drinks, juices, coffee and tea, up to strong and mix drinks, beer and wines from the local wineries.

In the morning hours they have a special breakfast offer:  eggs, bacon, salami, cheese, bread, butter, marmalade … During the day you can taste their delicious sandwiches, Banook of salt sardine, pancakes, plates for groups (prosciutto/cheese/sardine), various Mediterranean salads (with fresh lettuce, eggs, tuna, tomato, capers, anchovies) or Chicken salad ( lettuce, eggs, grill chicken, tomato, capers).

Tavern Peruka

Phone: +385 21 292 495
Mobile: +385 92 164 6622
E-mail: info@stinivavis.com
Location: Stiniva beach