Beaches at island Vis

Island Vis is known for a beautiful beaches and clear turquoise sea that provides an escape from summer heats. Island Vis is perfect place to relax and to escape from to big crowded.

Stiniva is definitely the most popular and the most beautiful  beach at the Vis, but the others are also worth visiting.

Here you can see a list of other beaches.

Turquise sea


Milna is a sandy beach located on the south-east part of the island in the Milna tourist settlement. The shallow waters makes this beach the best choice for picigin (an amateur sport in which players must keep a small ball in the air, preventing it to fall in the water). On this beach you can rent a umbrella and deck chairs.

pebble beach and boats


Stončica is known for a lighthouse and a long beach with the small fishermen’s and tourist settlement. It is a sandy beach with a small beach bar and palm trees and tamarix that create some natural shades. It is ideal for families with small children and a 10 minute walk from the town Vis leads to this beach.

Pebble beach with tamarix


Srebrna is a pebbly beach with clear water, easy access and plenty of shades. This makes it great for families with young children. There is a car park only 5 minutes walk from the beach. There are also snack bar, toilets and a supermarket not far away. You can also sit under the trees and have a picnic.

Pebble and sandy beach


Zaglav, another popular beach here, is one of the most beautiful beah on the Adriatic. It is covered in very light and glistening sand, which gets overheated under the strong sunlight. The beach is blessed with the western current of cool sea that brings the enjoyable feeling.

Lagoon with clear sea


Budihovac is a small uninhabited island known for its beautiful lagoon with white pebble beach Budihovac. The remainings of the old summer cottage and the vineyards of Mali Plavac can be found on this tiny island. The lagoon with crystal clear sea is ideal for nautics in search of the location to anchor.

Pebble beach

Mala Travna

Mala Travna is beautiful little beach on the southern side of the island with the spring of fresh water. The sea is always a bit colder that the one in the Srebrna beach due to the fresh water spring and current.