Interesting facts

Did you know?

  • Island Vis was in history one of the most important trading and military ports in the Adriatic and there bays served as a shelter for the Venetian merchandisers, Napoleon’s army as well as British army in the beginning of the 19th century.

  • At the beginning of the 19th century island Vis came under the British rule and thanks to them it was the first place in Croatia were the cricket was played.

  • Besides cricket, one of the most popular remainder of the British rule is the Fortica – George`s Fortress. It was built in 1812 by the English commander George Duncan Robertson and it was named after the English King George III. It was the highest from the all other fortress and that is why the local people called it Fortica. Two yourtyards of the fortress were surrounded with the moat and all the walls had a loop-holes to secure the fortress.

  • In 1967 Stiniva beach along with Stiniva cove is proclaimed a protected natural monument. Since then the cove has preserved its natural beauties with high steam cliffs, clear turquoise sea and wild goat paths that lead to cove.

  • According to some local stories, Stiniva cove was once a cave. After the cave ceiling has eroded and melt, two high cliffs have surrounded the pebble beach from the seaside creating a shape that look like a Roman amphitheater.

  • The Monk Seal Cave is the last recorded shelter of the rare Mediterranean monk seal, a very rare type of the seal that has abounded these waters for the last couple of years.