Boat tour inside the Blue Cave on island Vis

Blue Cave

This famous Blue cave on the island of Biševo is the one of the most popular attractions in the area. Due to its amazing beauty is has been proclaimed a geomorphological monument of nature from 1951. When the sea is calm, the fracture and reflection of sun rays from the sea bottom create an impressive light effects of unique blueness. You can go through the cave entrance with a small rowing boat.

Green Cave island Vis

The Green Cave

The Green Cave is located at the island of Ravnik and it specific due to its geomorphologic shape. A two entrances from the sea side are formed with the abrasion of the rocks and there is a small rupture on the top that allows a sun to enter and light up the cave making an unique light show.

Entrance in the Blue Cave

The Monk Seal Cave

The Monk Seal Cave is located at the island of Biševo. The cave is long 160 m and is specific because it has a small beach at the end of it. The cave is named after the Mediterranean monk seal, very rare type of the seal, that lived in this are and was last seen here. In the last couple of years the Mediterranean monk seal hasn`t been spotted in the Adriatic, but the hope remains that they might return here some day.